Who can file a Complaint?

  • A Consumer of goods or services
  • Any registered voluntary Consumer Organisation
  • The Central Govt. State Govt., or Union Territory Administrations
  • One or More Consumers on behalf of numerous consumers who are having
    the same interest (class action suit)

  Types of Complaints

  • Complaint against any unfair trade practices or restrictive defined in the Act
  • Any defects in the goods
  • Any deficiencies in services
  • Unscrupulous exploitation of the consumers by charging higher price

  Filing a complaint

  • No fee is to be paid for filing a complaint at any of the levels of three-tier

  • Complaint can be sent even by the post to the appropriate Forum / Commission
  • A Complaint should contain the following information: -
    1. i)    Name, description and address of the complainant
    2. ii)   Name, description and address of the opposite party
    3. iii)   The facts relating to complaint giving the time & place where the complaint arose
    4. iv)   Photo-copies of the vouchers, bills or any other documents in proof of the complaint
    5. v)   The relief which the complainant is seeking

Click here to download model application form for filing a complaint

  Relief available to Consumers

  • Removal of defects from the goods
  • Replacement of the goods
  • Refund of the price paid
  • Award of compensation for loss or injury suffered
  • Removal of deficiencies is Services
  • Discontinuance of unfair or restrictive trade practices
  • Withdrawal of the hazardous goods from being offered for sale

  Filing an Appeal

  • Appeal against the decision of the District Forum can be filed before the State Commission within 30 days. Appeal against the decision of the State Commission can be filed before the National Commission within 30 days.
  • Appeal against the orders of National Commission can be filed before the Supreme Court within 30 days.
  • Procedure for filing the appeal is the same as that the complaint in writing
  • Should accompany the orders of the lower tier and should also specify the reasons for filing appeal



Total Value of goods or services and the compensation claimed

Amount of fee payable



Upto one lakh Rupees – For complainant who are under Below poverty Line holding Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards



Upto one lakh Rupees – For complainant other than Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards

Rs. 100


Above one lakh and upto five lakh Rupees

Rs. 200


Above five lakh and upto ten lakh Rupees

Rs. 400


Above ten lakh and upto twenty lakh rupees

Rs. 500



Above Twenty lakh and upto fifty lakh Rupees

Rs. 2,000


Above fifty lakh and upto one crore Rupees

Rs. 4,000



Above one crore Rupees

Rs. 5,000

The Complainant who are under the Below Poverty Line shall be entitled for the exemption of payment of fee only on production of an attested copy of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana Cards.