Ration Card Details Of An Individual

Sr. No. Perticulars Details Of Family Head
1 Ration Card No. {{lstDocHeadre.ManualRCNo}}
2 FPS No. & FPS Name {{lstDocHeadre.ShopNo}}-{{lstDocHeadre.ShopName}}
3 FPS Address {{lstDocHeadre.FPSAddress}}
4 Card Type {{lstDocHeadre.Category}}
5 Aadhaar No. Of HOF No Yes
6 Name Of Family Head {{lstDocHeadre.ApplicantName}}
7 Gender {{lstDocHeadre.Gender}}
8 No. Of Member {{lstDocHeadre.NoOfMembers}},Adult - {{lstDocHeadre.NoOfAdult}},Child- {{lstDocHeadre.NoOfChild}}
9 Citizen Type {{lstDocHeadre.CitizenType}}
10 Present Address {{lstDocHeadre.AddressLocality}}
11 Residential Status(Owner/Tenant/Temporary/Homeless) {{lstDocHeadre.ResidentialStatus}}
12 Gas Connection Status Details {{lstDocHeadre.GasConnectionStatus}}
13 Kerosene Eligibility Details {{lstDocHeadre.KeroseneEligibility}}

 Details Of Members

Sr No. Name Of Member Father's/Spouse's Name Mother's Name Gender(M/F/T) Relationship With HOF
{{lstDoc.SrNo}} {{lstDoc.MemberName}} {{lstDoc.FatherSpouseName}} {{lstDoc.MotherName}} {{lstDoc.Gender}} {{lstDoc.RelationName}}